Song of the Day #3,440: ‘April Come She Will (Live)’ – Art Garfunkel

Last week I featured five songs introduced to me by my older daughter Sophia. This week I turn to songs I associate with my younger daughter Fiona, though in this case none of them were new to me.

Fiona is still in that wonderful phase where she’s discovering excellent music from decades past, just as I was introduced to Bob Dylan and The Beatles during my pre-teen years.

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Song of the Day #140: ‘A Heart in New York’ – Art Garfunkel

garfunkelFrom Beyoncé to Art Garfunkel… a logical step.

Poor Art. He’s the Peter Scolari of the music world. Or is that DJ Jazzy Jeff? I suppose Garfunkel had some semblance of a career apart from Paul Simon (including a few acting roles of note) but he’s mostly a second banana with a crazy white man’s afro.

I know next to nothing about Garfunkel’s solo music career, but I do like ‘A Heart in New York’ very much. I first heard it on the Concert in Central Park album, which reunited Simon & Garfunkel 12 years after their final studio album. In fact, that’s the only place I’d heard it until tracking down an album version on YouTube.

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