Song of the Day #140: ‘A Heart in New York’ – Art Garfunkel

garfunkelFrom Beyoncé to Art Garfunkel… a logical step.

Poor Art. He’s the Peter Scolari of the music world. Or is that DJ Jazzy Jeff? I suppose Garfunkel had some semblance of a career apart from Paul Simon (including a few acting roles of note) but he’s mostly a second banana with a crazy white man’s afro.

I know next to nothing about Garfunkel’s solo music career, but I do like ‘A Heart in New York’ very much. I first heard it on the Concert in Central Park album, which reunited Simon & Garfunkel 12 years after their final studio album. In fact, that’s the only place I’d heard it until tracking down an album version on YouTube.

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