Song of the Day #4,272: ‘You’re Crazy’ – Guns N’ Roses

My theory is that any “great” album has to have at least three great songs. If the rest are ok, and exhibit the same general style as the great ones, the whole album will earn a solid reputation.

Guns N’ Roses 1997 debut, Appetite For Destruction, is a good example. It features an all-time classic in ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and two other greatest hits-worthy tracks in ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and ‘Paradise City.’ The rest of the songs are entirely forgettable.

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Song of the Day #370: ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ – Guns N’ Roses

destruction[Note: Today’s selection comes to us courtesy of a guest blogger… my wife, Alex. Take it away, dear!]

There are songs that lose their appeal after you leave high school. Or at least they should. Every Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd song comes to mind. But whenever I hear ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses, especially from the beginning, I vividly remember and relish that part of being a teenager that shouts to the world: I am angry and loud and indestructible.

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