Oh no he di’int…

rihanna3So the big news this Grammy night is that Rihanna and boyfriend Chris Brown both pulled out of their performances at the last minute because he (allegedly) beat her up in a car earlier today. She called the cops and they’re currently looking for him.

Police haven’t confirmed that Rihanna was the victim — only that Brown is wanted for questioning in a domestic violence incident. But sources are leaking that she is indeed the woman involved.

What. The. Fuck?

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Jennifer Nettles in Hat & Suspenders

A couple weeks ago I wrote a review of the new Sugarland album, Love on the Inside. I mentioned the liner notes and in particular a photograph of lead singer Jennifer Nettles wearing a hat and suspenders.

As a result, my blog is now the #1 Google search result for such phrases as “Jennifer Nettles hat suspenders” and “Love on the Inside liner notes” so I figured I might as well give people what they’re looking for.

This picture was very hard to track down. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Web, believe it or not. But I pulled some strings to get an exclusive. So head to the jump for the payoff.

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