Song of the Day #5,058: ‘In His Arms’ – Miranda Lambert

Continuing my ranking of the songs from Miranda Lambert’s new album Palomino

#12. ‘Country Money’

A clever song rich with wordplay about rural entrepreneurs, like “Connie Johnson” with a “farm in Wisconsin” and the “best beef in the cheese state, baby.” The track’s sleek production and chill-out vibe make it a real grower. I could see this one moving up my list over time.

#11. ‘I’ll Be Loving You’

Palomino‘s one love song, this track still finds its narrator on the road, but reassuring her partner that he’s with her in spirit. “When I’m deep in the dark and I look in my heart and I’m looking for something true,” she sings, “I’ll be lovin’ you, no matter where I roam.”

#10. ‘In His Arms’

One of three Palomino tracks that first appeared in stripped-down fashion on The Marfa Tapes, this is an old-school country heartbreak tune, given a subtle makeover to fit in with this album’s more expansive production but maintaining its melancholy air.

I’ve seen El Paso and the sky was on fire
Lost a night in Juarez a couple of times
Danced with a cowboy on a straight tequila high
I wish I was in his arms tonight

I’ve been a rolling stone, the tumbleweed
Waiting for the right one to come find me
But the wrong one always set me free
I wish I was in his arms tonight

Is he playing in some house band in Dallas?
Is he breaking horses in San Antone?
Is he all alone in the neon light?
I wish I was in his arms tonight

Is he praying for rain out in West Texas?
Is he lost in the Marfa lights?
Is he out there looking for me
Wishing I was in his arms tonight

I wish I was in his arms tonight

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #5,058: ‘In His Arms’ – Miranda Lambert

  1. Peg says:

    I see she has a concert in west palm beach this weekend. Are you going?

    • Clay says:

      No, because it’s a double bill with a band I don’t care about. I wish she’d come through solo again (we saw her in Orlando a couple of years ago).

  2. Dana Gallup says:

    I see Peg’s comparison of Lambert to Dolly on this one.

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