Song of the Day #4,867: ‘I Will Stay’ – Shelby Lynne

Which Random Weekend song will scare us on this Halloween morning?

It’s ‘I Will Stay,’ surprisingly the first song I’ve featured from Shelby Lynne’s 2003 album Identity Crisis.

Singer-songwriter Lynne toiled for a decade, releasing five albums, before having her breakthrough with 1999’s excellent, bluesy I Am Shelby Lynne. She was amusingly nominated for, and wound up winning, Best New Artist at that year’s Grammys.

Then came 2001’s disappointing Love, Shelby, which sought to capitalize on her newly high profile but ended up impersonal and bland.

Identity Crisis was a fine comeback, featuring country rock and acoustic balladry and excellent vocal performances. I lost track of Lynne after this album and its follow-up, but I’m always rewarded when I get a chance to revisit it.

You stood there wearing the night
Look in my eyes, no surprise
That I wanted, to love you

You took me in your mind
I took the time, to realize
I love you

But this time, I will stay

Daylight nears your face
I won’t erase, the picture we made
And I will follow, the page
I will, stay

No trace of yesterday
They are gone
Tomorrow’s begun
And I know, yes I know
I will stay

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,867: ‘I Will Stay’ – Shelby Lynne

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I am really unfamiliar with her work, but this is a beautiful song and I suspect I would like like the rest of the album as well as “I Am Shelby Lynne.”

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