Song of the Day #4,853: ‘Sweetie’ – Josh Rouse

Today’s random SOTD is the opening track on Josh Rouse’s 2007 album Country Mouse City House. It was co-written with his wife, Paz Suay (whom my wife considers a dear friend after they chatted for five minutes at a Josh Rouse concert in Asheville, North Carolina).

‘Sweetie’ beautifully captures the feeling of a young romance, ripe with possibilities. Two lovers “laughing in circles” and dreaming about sleeping on rooftops and riding bicycles — it sounds like the perfect European vacation, which makes sense given that the album was written in Spain.

‘Sweetie’ also continues the grand tradition of songs that gloriously give way to a chorus of “la la la”s, as if words no longer matter. I might be able to get a theme week out of “la la la” songs one of these days.

Two lazy dreamers on a winter’s night
Making plans for the spring
You paint a picture while I put away my clothes
A crooked couple standing side by side
Is that you?
Is that me?
We laugh in circles and we dream of some place to go…

We’ll sleep on roof tops
We’ll ride on bicycles
Maybe we’ll get married
Don’t you want to, sweetie?

With so much talent you’re not fit for this world
You’re an actress, there’s no screen
A couple movies now you’re stuck in this broadway show
Sink full of dishes and a dirty face
Where’s the passion?
Talk is cheap
We laugh in circles then we turn the lights down low…

We’ll sleep on roof tops
We’ll ride on bicycles
Maybe we’ll get married
Don’t you want to, sweetie?

We hear some music
Coming from the street down below
And the melody carries
Won’t you sing with me, sweetie?
Won’t you sing with me, la, la, la, la, la…

I hope I can love you
Just like you deserve to be
Tell me what you’re feeling
Don’t you want to, sweetie?

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #4,853: ‘Sweetie’ – Josh Rouse

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I think the “la la’s” are defensible when they are preceded by a reference to singing. See “Brown Eyed Girl “ as Exhibit A. Still, I’m down with a “la la’s” theme week. If I can debate the appropriateness of “la la’s” in songs, I can debate anything on this blog!

  2. Peg says:

    Fa la la la la la la la la sing the Christmas carolers pretty soon 😊

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