Song of the Day #3,819: ‘I Loves You Porgy’ – Nina Simone

The timing is good for my father’s Nina Simone theme week because it happens to coincide with my parents’ 53rd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

For today’s SOTD, I chose Simone’s most famous love song, ‘I Loves You Porgy’ from the Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess. She initially recorded the song for her 1958 debut album, Little Girl Blue, though today’s version is a live performance from 1960.

Simone had her only top 20 hit with this song, but she didn’t benefit all that much. She sold her song rights to the record company for a few thousand dollars, a decision that cost her millions over the course of her career.

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,819: ‘I Loves You Porgy’ – Nina Simone

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Happy Anniversary, Doug and Peg!

    I don’t think I’ve heard this song before in any version, but this is a lovely one. I hope Simone was able to make more money on other recordings since she got screwed on this one!

  2. Peg Clifton says:

    Thank you for picking this one on our Anniversary ❤️❤️

  3. Peg Clifton says:

    Thanks for picking this song today on our Anniversary ❤️

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