Song of the Day #3,546: ‘”20″‘ – Travis

Today’s track was one of the initial inspirations for my ’31 Numbered Songs’ series. I’ve been a big fan of this song since I first heard it nearly two decades ago and at one point I considered making it the kick-off track of a 2-week series on songs numbered 20 through 29. Fortunately, I didn’t jump the gun and we all got to discover some obscure rap artists in the 1-10 range.

I discovered Travis’ “20” as a hidden bonus track on the band’s acclaimed sophomore album, 1999’s The Man Who. It’s one of three hidden tracks that are each as strong as anything on the album proper.

I lost track of Travis after the band’s fourth album, 2003’s 12 Memories, left me cold. I see they have released another four albums since, the most recent in 2016. Hearing today’s SOTD makes me want to dip into some of the newer stuff to see if they reached these heights again.

Sure it’s a gas
(We’re) Stuck in an English class
Can’t even dream
So it’s hard to accept the role you’re given
When you’re sittin’ there staring at the ceiling
Wishing you were so very far from here
When you’re 13

What fors and whys
If he’s got it why can’t I
You’re my queen
And I dream about you when I’m in my bed
And if all of these things are like you said
Then I’d rather be in another scene
When I’m 14

Just not fair
I’m not getting anywhere
Oh hard as a stone
They expect us to make it out alone
And they scream at us when we’re on the phone
And they lecture us all about routine
When you’re 15

Get out of here
You’re crowding my tender years
Don’t say you see
Cos you’d forgotten what it’s like to be
And I’m sure that it’s changed to some degree
Christ’s advice ain’t never as it seemed
When you’re 16

Four years go
You’ve fallen before you know
You’re now of age
And you’re thrown in a different cage
And you’re faced with another blank page
And I know I don’t need to be told

One thought on “Song of the Day #3,546: ‘”20″‘ – Travis

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Cool lyrical construction. Particularly the last verse skipping four years and breaking the pattern by not ending with the age. You know if Dylan had written this, he would have hit every year and added a chorus between every other verse so as to create an 11 minute song.😊

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