Song of the Day #3,119: ‘Big Day in a Small Town’ – Brandy Clark

brandy_clark_big_day_small_townMy appreciation for country music continued in 2016, but I’ve learned that — Brad Paisley aside — it’s isolated to the fairer sex.

Recent new releases by Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert, Lucinda Williams, Ashley Monroe and Brandy Clark have earned time on my playlists while Chris Stapleton is the only country dude to claim that honor.

Brandy Clark released her sophomore effort, following 2013’s marvelous 12 Stories, and it’s almost as good. Big Day in a Small Town is alternately funny and sad, with Clark expertly capturing the rhythms and small-scale dramas of rural life.

[Verse 1]
Momma got a call from the principal’s office
Better get down here fast
Mindy passed out when her water broke
In the middle of geometry class
Her momma didn’t know she was nine months late
Been gettin’ on her ’bout gainin’ weight
And now she’s a grandma

[Channel 1]
Somebody had a baby
Somebody had a breakdown
Ah, it’s a big day
In a small town

[Verse 2]
Willie Smith swore he wouldn’t miss one more
Of Junior’s football games
Got his 12 pack of Bud
And his Friday night buzz
Headin’ south in the northbound lane
Junior’s in the end zone, halfback pitch
Willie’s sittin’ upside down in a ditch
And the crowd goes wild

[Channel 2]
Somebody wrecked a pick-up
Somebody scored a touchdown
Ah, it’s a big day
In a small town

There ain’t no mall – no Waffle House
But there’s always something to talk about
Around here
Somebody shot a deer – somebody’s gettin’ married
Or buried – or carried away
If the sun comes up – and the sun goes down
Ah, it’s a big day
In a small town

[Verse 3]
Rumor goin’ around ’bout a Methodist man
And a jailbait check out queen
His wife caught wind of unspeakable sin
Goin’ down on aisle thirteen
She left all the chicken in the fryin’ pan
Threw all the kids in the Grand Caravan
With a baseball bat

[Channel 3]
Somebody went to Wal-Mart
In nothin’ but a night gown
Yeah, it’s a big day
In a small town

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,119: ‘Big Day in a Small Town’ – Brandy Clark

  1. Dana says:

    What about Keith Urban?

  2. Clay says:

    I’ve never really listened to him.

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