Song of the Day #3,004: ‘Get Me Out of Here’ – Billy Pilgrim

billy_pilgrimI was surprised to discover that through 3,003 Songs of the Day (or 2,083 if you’re going to nitpick… and I’m still digging in to see where those missed numbers came from), I have never featured a track by Billy Pilgrim.

Granted, the band Billy Pilgrim isn’t a household name by any means, but I have enough affection for their debut album that I would have expected them to surface at least once over eight years. Alas, no.

But they get their due today thanks to the Random iTunes Fairy.

Billy Pilgrim was a folk rock duo formed by Andrew Hyra and Kristian Bush that recorded for a decade, from ’91 to ’01, releasing two studio albums and a few independent releases. After their unofficial split, Bush formed the successful band Sugarland with Jennifer Nettles, while Hyra (Meg Ryan’s brother, incidentally) joined a band called Smokin’ Novas.

I own only the band’s self-titled studio debut, and it’s a good one. Hyra and Bush received financial help from Indigo Girl Amy Ryan in their early days, and you can hear the Indigo Girls’ influence on their music. It’s the sort of upbeat folk pop that provided a change of pace from boy bands and grunge in the 90s.

If memory serves, my sister and brother-in-law heard the album playing in a record store while on vacation and bought it on the spot, then introduced it to me. A happy accident, just like today’s random opportunity to highlight the band.

People live below me up above me to the sides
Even if I wanted to I got no place good to hide
Concrete is my color and commerce it’s my pride
Get me out of here

No one should live like this
Get me out of here
From the subway’s steamy kiss
Take me to the country and dip me in some bliss
Get me out of here ‘Cause I can’t live like this
Alone along the crowded streets among the circus freaks
I saw Jezebel and Claribel and they were begging mister please
You can help me too I said and gave them my T.V


‘Cause I can’t live like
My hands are twitching brain is frazzled
Carryin on in fits
I can’t carry on in this frenzied state I’m in

The last time that I saw you, you were wearing a disguize
And hiding from some lawyers who were buzzing gray haired flies
Dried out bloodshot eyes have you forgotten how to cry


‘Cause I can’t live like
Out of here
‘Cause I can’t live like
Out of here

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,004: ‘Get Me Out of Here’ – Billy Pilgrim

  1. The Cool Guy (Daniel) says:

    I consider Billy Pilgrim one of my favorite albums and one of my favorite artists which is crazy considering I’ve only listened to one of their albums. However, I could listen to this album again and again and particularly enjoy rocking out to it in the car on the way to school with my mom. This song in particular is constantly moving with great harmonies and lyrics and I always love the way he sings “wearing your disguise”. I’m excited to hopefully hear more Billy Pilgrim on the blog in the future.

  2. Dana says:

    You’re memory serves you well. Odd that you haven’t featured them before, as I am pretty sure we had conveyed on your blog the story as to how we discovered Billy Pilgrim.

    But to recap just in case….we were in San Jose for a conference Amy was attending. We went into a record store (remember them?) called Hear Music (later bought by Starbucks I believe), where we saw listening stations for the first time. So, we donned headphones and gave this album a listen. It was love at first hear and completely reflected the value of listening stations, which then became quite ubiquitous until the internet bowled them over and took out music and book stores along with them.

    Anyway, we bought the cd and the rest is history.

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