Song of the Day #2,975: ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ – Eagles

eaglesAfter spending more than a month in 1980, I’m jumping back in time a bit and diving into one of the 70s’ most successful bands.

My default stance for years has been that I hate the Eagles. It’s a stance I’ve adopted in part as a tribute to Jeff ‘The Dude’ Lebowski, who was memorably thrown out of a cab for declaring “I hate the fucking Eagles, man.

It’s also due to my strong dislike for the song ‘Hotel California’ and its weird Jamaican guitar orgy vibe.

But in all honesty, I can’t say that my Eagles hatred is well-earned. I don’t know the majority of their songs (the non-hits) and most of the hits are pretty solid.

So I figured I’d spend a week and a day looking at each of the band’s seven studio albums and deciding if I should continue hating them or give them a pass.

We start with the self-titled 1972 debut, which finds Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon grabbing most of the songwriting credits and lead vocals. Don Henley chipped in with top ten hit ‘Witchy Woman’ but was otherwise sidelined.

The songs ‘Take it Easy’ and ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ also charted, the former co-written by Frey and Jackson Browne and the latter written by Jack Tempchin. Both have an appealing country-rock sound that I must admit to liking.

The rest of the album rocks a little bit harder, with the exception of a couple of ballads that evoke the Grateful Dead. Nothing offensive, but nothing too appealing either.

I’ll give this album a pass for the two countrified singles (but not ‘Witchy Woman,’ which I find rather stupid). Here’s the album highlight, ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling,’ which also happens to be the song that got the Dude thrown out of that cab.


I like the way sparkling earrings lay
Upon your skin so brown
And I want to sleep with you in the desert night
With a million stars all around

I got a peaceful easy feelin’
And I know you won’t let me down
Cause I’m already standin’
On the ground

And I found out a long time ago
What a woman can do to your soul
Aw but she can’t take you any way
You don’t already know how to go

I get a peaceful easy feelin’
And I know you won’t let me down
Cause I’m already standin’
On the ground


I get this feelin’ I may know you
As a lover and a friend
This voice keeps whisperin’ in my other ear
Tells me I may never see you again

I get a peaceful easy feelin’
And I know you won’t let me down
Cause I’m already standin’
Yes I’m already standin’
Yes I’m already standin’
On the ground


One thought on “Song of the Day #2,975: ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ – Eagles

  1. Dana says:

    Well, I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m glad you are giving the Eagles a fair listen as I always felt your contempt for them was rather harsh.

    I suspect, however, that we are going to continue to disagree as to what was good or great about the Eagles. My appreciation for them tilts heavily toward Henley, while you already seem to gravitate toward the softer, more country Frey songs. I have never been a fan of today’s song, for example, though I do like “Take it Easy.” (Thank you, Jackson Browne!).

    And “Witchy Woman” stupid? I can’t even….

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