Song of the Day #2,746: ‘Flight Attendant (Live)’ – Josh Rouse

joshrouse-cover-240Today’s Random iTunes Selection comes courtesy of a Josh Rouse live CD distributed for free by Noise Trade.

Noise Trade is a site that connects musicians with fans through the free distribution of music. The idea is that the audience an artist can reach through the site’s large network is worth a lot in potential future sales.

Josh Rouse can win new fans through the release of a live sampling of his earlier work, and existing fans (like me) get to download a nice little treat.

I’ve subscribed to Noise Trade for a few years now (they probably got my email thanks to this very release, in fact) and I can’t say I’ve discovered a bunch of new artists through the service. But I do like the idea.

When I was a little baby
A mama’s boy, no one could save me
From those kids at school
They would bully, they would tease
They would taunt me, haunt me
“You’re such a pretty boy”

Fear, I grew up so scared
The Bible Belt, redneck lifestyle
One day I’ll fly free, in the airplanes
“Where’s my seat?” “Where’s my champagne?”

“I’m such a pretty boy”

Heaven knows the lengths I go
To please them everyday
They don’t even notice when I’m down

“Such a pretty boy”

Hotels were closed
And the airport was clean
I was stranded alone
In my southwest dream

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,746: ‘Flight Attendant (Live)’ – Josh Rouse

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve never heard of Noise Trade, but it’s a cool concept.

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