Song of the Day #2,739: ‘Sugarfoot’ – Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

black_joe_lewisToday’s random selection comes from a 6-song CD sampler put out by Lost Highway records called T For Texas, T From Tennessee. All six artists (including Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson and Robert Earl Keen) are from Texas, so I’m not sure where the second half of the title comes from. This CD was packaged with one of Lyle Lovett’s recent albums — maybe Natural Forces.

Like most bonus CDs, I’ve never listened to it, so I was surprised when it popped up as a Random Weekend selection and the sound coming out of my speakers wasn’t the expected country-blues but this R&B/soul cut.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears hail from Austin and have released two albums over the past seven years.

I’ve been wanting to take a family vacation to Austin for several years now to enjoy the food and the music. This is exactly the sort of jam I picture listening to while chowing down on some barbecue outside under hanging lights. I’m picturing that great Austin scene in Chef.

Sugarfoot called me last night
Said his girl called him
He said can I come over
She said yeah, yeah, yeah

She called him on the telephone
Said hello baby how you doing
Can I come over see you tonight
I promise that you’ll be feeling right
Ooohh, she’s come ready for it

Ya Sugarfoot

She come on over knocking at my door
So I went downstairs and I let her in
Straight up to my bedroom we go
Starts doing things I’d never know
Baby…..Give me love

Ya Sugarfoot

Brought me down straight to my knees
She’s doing things I’ve never seen
Got me crying just like a baby
Common baby you just look pretty
Ohhh…She give me love

Ahhh…ya Sugarfoot


Ya….Where my horns at
Ya’ll with me (Yeah)
Ya’ll with me (Yeah)
Ya’ll ready (Yeah)

I said now baby
Give me
Your lovin
I need it
I’m squeezing
I’m touching
I’m rubbing
I told ya
Common down here baby
You gotta give me my sugar

Ahhh, She give me love

She got me feeling so damn good
Late up in the middle of the night
My baby don’t let me get no rest
Brought me down straight to my knees
Ahhhh, she gives me lovin

Ya Sugarfoot

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,739: ‘Sugarfoot’ – Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

  1. Dana says:

    I think the T from Tennessee may be a reference to the Memphis sound.

    I suspect your kids might enjoy Austin more when they are a bit older, but it is a great place to listen to good music and eat some good Bbq.

  2. Maddie says:

    Love that scene in Chef… I’ll crash on a trip to Austin 😛

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