Song of the Day #2,472: ‘Making Time’ – The Creation

rushmore_making_timeAnybody who knows me could have guessed that Wes Anderson would show up on this list, probably more than once.

All of Anderson’s films make smart use of music, so I had plenty of options. I knew I wanted Rushmore represented, as I consider that his greatest achievement. But which song?

I adore the use of Cat Stevens’ ‘The Wind,’ but I’d been a fan of that song long before seeing it in Rushmore. I gained a new appreciation for John Lennon’s ‘Oh Yoko’ seeing it in this film, but again, I already knew it. The Kink’s ‘Nothing in This World Can Stop Me Worryin’ Bout That Girl’ and another Cat Stevens’ tune, ‘Here Comes My Baby,’ were both new to me and strong contenders for this list.

But finally I went with…

#6 Song I Associate With a Movie
‘Making Time’ – Rushmore

Anderson is a master of the montage, and this one — an introduction to the many school activities of Max Fischer — is one of his finest. Every one of these short clips could make for a hilarious scene of its own, and Anderson serves up a dozen of them in just over a minute. What a bounty of visual (and auditory) bliss.

[Verse 1]
Making time
Shooting lines
For people to believe in
Things you say
Gone in a day
Everybody leavin’
Everybody leavin’

Why do we have to carry on?
Always singing the same old song
Same old song
The same old song

[Verse 2]
Tellin’ lies
Closing your eyes
Making more excuses
Pullin’ the wool
Actin’ the fool
People have their uses
People have their uses


[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3]
Lookin’ for
An open door
Never taking chances
Take your pick
Makes you sick
Seekin’ new advances
Seekin’ new advances


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,472: ‘Making Time’ – The Creation

  1. Dana says:

    Here’s another movie I really should watch again. Funny scene, though the music here isn’t all that indelible to me.

  2. pegclifton says:

    Just love this movie!

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