Song of the Day #2,345: ‘Tuesday’ – I Love Makonnen

i_love_makonnenFirst of all, Merry Christmas everybody!

I was hoping fate would arrange for a song appropriate for the holiday to land in this position, but alas, we are left with ‘Tuesday’ by rapper I Love Makonnen, a song about a hard-partying drug dealer.

Santa would be proud.

I know I sound like an old man, but I don’t understand why songs like this are popular. It’s musically and lyrically lazy. How is this song different from a thousand other lame party songs?

Way to ruin Christmas, I Love Makonnen!

[Hook] x4
Got the club going up on a Tuesday
Got yo girl in the cut and she choosy

Working Monday night, on the corner flipping hard
Made at least three thousand, on the Boulevard
I’ve been working graveyard, shifts every other weekend
Ain’t got no fucking time to party on the weekend
I’ve been flipping in the house, making juugs on the highway
I’ve been riding out of state, making money like my way
I don’t think that I should dance, I’m just gon have another drink
I’m doing my stance, you know my Molly pink
I’ve got the loudest of the loud, you know my gas stink
My P.O. think I’m in the house, don’t give a damn about what she think

[Hook] x4

It ain’t no way no how
I made it on my own, I made my own style
I don’t think that I should stay, you know I gotta go
You moving too fast, don’t want to take it slow

[Hook] x4

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,345: ‘Tuesday’ – I Love Makonnen

  1. Dana says:

    Bah humbug!

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