Song of the Day #2,083: ‘Morning’ – Beck

beck_morning_phaseRecently, I listened to an NPR interview with Beck about his new album, Morning Phase.

He spoke in his low-key, casually eloquent way about his early influences (predominantly folk musicians) and the hows and whys of the production of this record, one of his best.

At one point, the hosts played the beginning of ‘Morning,’ the album’s opening song (not counting a brief instrumental) and Beck got a bit choked up.

He explained that this was the first song the band recorded for Morning Phase, more than a decade after the same musicians had assembled to record Sea Change, this album’s musical and spiritual predecessor.

Several years ago Beck suffered a back injury while filming a music video and was unable to even lift his guitar without causing severe pain, so this also marked the first time in years he was able to play comfortably.

He described sitting in the room with the same group of people ten years later, having all gone through marriages, divorces, births and deaths, and playing this song about new beginnings. I could see why it choked him up.

It was a nice glimpse at the people and process behind the music that reaches us via CD or MP3, so far removed from that day in the studio when it was born.

Woke up this morning, found a love light in the storm
Looked up this morning, saw the roses full of thorns
Guns are falling, they don’t have nowhere to go
Oceans of diamonds always shine, smooth out belowCan we start it all over again this morning?
I lost all my defenses this morning
Won’t you show me the way it used to be?

I’ve gone all around ’til there’s nothing left to say
Wrote it all down into something that couldn’t be said
I tore it all down and buried me underneath the wave

Can we start it all over again this morning?
I let down my defenses this morning
It was just you and me this morning
I fought all my guesses this morning
Won’t you show me the way it could’ve been?


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,083: ‘Morning’ – Beck

  1. Dana says:

    Very touching story, and this is a beautiful song.

  2. pegclifton says:

    I agree 🙂

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