Song of the Day #1,950: ‘Forever’ – Haim

haim_days_are_goneArtists face more pressure these days to be great right out of the gate.

Most acts who’ve been around for awhile got the chance to stumble through an album or two finding their way before delivering their defining work. I don’t think the current landscape affords that space to grow.

I bring that up in reference to Haim, the much-hyped L.A.-based trio — because I find myself disappointed they didn’t crush it on this first album. Shouldn’t I cut them a little slack?

I really enjoy opening track (and first single) ‘Falling’ as well as a handful of other songs on this album. But they fall victim to repetition disorder, agonizingly so on some songs, and kind of run out of ideas halfway through the record.

They have a good sound, though (the Fleetwood Mac comparisons are dead on), and they probably have much better work in their future.

I just wish they weren’t paraded around as the greatest thing in the world, because they aren’t. And if they aren’t given room to find their way, they’ll never be anything more than this.

Hey you!
Remember me? Remember love?
Remember trying to stay together?
My time, you took it all
You tried to see
You tried to bring yourself up without involving me
It isn’t fair, to have your way
To try and get up and go and na na na na now can’t you see
It isn’t fair to have your way
But I’m trying to get your attention and I need you to know that

Hey you! Hey you!
Can’t you make this sane?
I know, I know, I know you ain’t the one to play the game
Now I know I’m never gonna go your way
If you go, now I know, I know know know

Forever we tried to make it right
Together we saw the end in sight
I’m tired of fighting the good fight
If you say the word then I’ll say goodbye

Forever I see you and me
Forever I’ll try for you and I
No I never believed in their insight
Just another good reason to get it right

I don’t want to turn around
So come on baby
Come on and try to let it out
Let go
We’re still the same
So come on baby
Trigger the sound, lets figure it out
Let’s get back to where we started out



Go go go go get out, get out of my memory
No no no not tonight, I don’t have the energy

Go go go go get out, get out of my memory
No no no not tonight, oh not tonight, oh not tonight

[Chorus x2]

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,950: ‘Forever’ – Haim

  1. Dana says:

    I’m not sure I agree with your premise. It seems to me that the very fact this band is so hyped gives them a better, not worse, opportunity to continue to grow and develop. Also, even today, you often will hear artists who have hit it big point out that the success wasn’t sudden, and that they had been aspiring to achieve that success for years. The Lumineers come to mind as a recent example.

    Now, having said that, it is true that the modern landscape allows artists to avoid the traditional record company “project” development and have success quicker. One good YouTube video or self-produced iTunes release can bypass the whole system and catapult an artist to success.

    Anyway, hype notwithstanding, this band is totally off my radar screen. Today’s song is decent enough, but nothing that really draws me in. If the rest of the album falls off a cliff, I suspect this band will remain off the radar with me.

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