Song of the Day #1,948: ‘Attics of My Life (Live)’ – Grateful Dead

american_beautyI recently bought Eminem’s new album and had to decide between the standard version and a “deluxe” version that featured four more songs for about four more dollars.

I thought back to all of the times I’ve purchased an album with bonus tracks, and how little I’ve actually listened to any of those tracks, and went with the standard.

And now the Grateful Dead are here to justify my decision, with a sleepy live version of ‘Attics of My Life’ that appears as a bonus track on their American Beauty album.

Perhaps this collection of old men harmonizing over a barely-there guitar melody is heaven for Deadheads, but I find it boring as hell.

In the attics of my life
Full of cloudy dreams; unreal
Full of tastes no tongue can know
And lights no eye can see
When there was no ear to hear
You sang to me

I have spent my life
Seeking all that’s still unsung
Bent my ear to hear the tune
And closed my eyes to see
When there were no strings to play
You played to me

In the book of love’s own dreams
Where all the print is blood
Where all the pages are my days
And all my lights grow old

When I had no wings to fly
You flew to me
You flew to me

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,948: ‘Attics of My Life (Live)’ – Grateful Dead

  1. Dana says:

    I think you are being a little harsh. This sounds like a cross between a CSN&Y and Dylan song. Sleepy, yes, but I’m not sure I would say it is “boring as hell.”

    Now, in the boring as hell column, I heard the new John Mayer song with Katy Perry. There’s 4 minutes of my life I’ll never get back!😄

    Meanwhile, how is the rest of this Dead album? I don’t own any of their music, but I like the few things I have heard from them, including covers of their stuff by the Counting Crows, Bruce Hornsby, etc…

  2. Clay says:

    American Beauty is a very good album, though I probably haven’t listened to it in a decade. Truckin’, Sugar Magnolia, Friend of the Devil, Box Rain, Ripple… it features a bunch of great songs.

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