Song of the Day #1,677: ‘Pyramids’ – Frank Ocean

frank_oceanNot only did Frank Ocean’s album top the Village Voice critics poll, he placed two songs on the singles list. The second, ‘Pyramids,’ comes in at #10.

I was disappointed in the first entry by Ocean. As much as I want to like his music, based on what I’ve learned about his story, it just didn’t rise above standard R&B fare. I suspect that it is exactly Ocean’s story that has catapulted him to the top of all of those critics’ lists. Or maybe the album’s deeper cuts bear more fruit.

Hmm… I’m almost 4 minutes into ‘Pyramids’ and it’s slightly more interesting that the other Frank Ocean song I heard. But there are five minutes left in the track and I’m not sure I’m going to make it unless something really interesting happens soon.

This track has some interesting/goofy lyrics about Cleopatra, pyramids and cheetahs. Is it a metaphor? The outro (which is more traditional and boring than the song’s first half) suggests that Cleopatra is a stripper. Fair enough.

Sorry, Frank, you’ve lost me. I’m at the 8:40 mark and these last 50 seconds feel like the longest of my life. This might be the consensus album of the year, but I’ll never listen to it.

Oh ( 3x )
Set The Cheetahs On The Loose
Oh ( 3x )
There’s A Thief Out On The Move
Oh ( 3x )
Underneath Our Legions View
Oh ( 3x )
They Have Taken Cleopatra

Run run run, come back for my glory
Bring him back to me
Run run run, the crown of our pharaoh
The throne of our king is empty

[Verse 1]
We’ll run to the future, shining like diamonds
In a rocky world, rocky-rocky world
Our skin like bronze and our hair like cashmere
As we march to the rhythm on the palace floor
Chandeliers inside the pyramids tremble from the force
Cymbals crash inside the pyramids, voices fill up the halls


[Verse 2]
The jewel of Africa
What good is a jewel that ain’t still precious?
How could you run off on me? How could you run off on us?
You feel like God inside that gold
I found you laying down with Samson and that full head of hair
Found my black Queen Cleopatra, bad dreams, Cleopatra

Oh ( 3x )
Remove him, send the cheetahs to the tomb
Our war is over, our king has met his doom
Oh No more he lives no more serpent in his room
Oh No more it has killed Cleopatra

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,677: ‘Pyramids’ – Frank Ocean

  1. Dana says:

    I just saw Ocean perform at the Grammy’s and, while I found the visuals really cool, the song didn’t do much for me, and today’s song doesn’t do much for me either.

    And, frankly, unless you are the Beatles, who the hell needs a song to go on for eight minutes?

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