Song of the Day #1,562: ‘Gideon’ – My Morning Jacket

I discovered My Morning Jacket after the release of 2008’s Evil Urges, a masterful collection of southern-fried funk and psychedelia that simply blew me away.

A lot of fans were apparently turned off by Evil Urges, expecting something closer to what the band delivered on 2005’s Z, their critical and commercial breakthrough.

I bought Z, figuring if I loved their new “disappointing” release I’d certainly love what fans considered their best work.

But after a listen (maybe two), I just wasn’t all that into the album. It didn’t hold a candle to Evil Urges.

I had a similar experience with TV On the Radio, where I fell in love with Dear Science only to be disappointed by the critical smash Return to Cookie Mountain.

I wonder what would have happened if I’d heard Z first, along with everybody else. Would I have loved it? Would Evil Urges have been a let-down? Or would I have dismissed it and never even given Evil Urges a chance?

The funny thing is, listening to ‘Gideon,’ today’s random selection, I’m loving it. I suspect it’s time I have Z another spin to see if my reaction had more to do with what I was expecting than what I was hearing. I might have been in the exact opposite position of all those My Morning Jacket fans who dismissed Evil Urges because it wasn’t Z.

I bet they love it now. And I bet I’d love this.

Gideon, what have you told us at all?
Make a sound, come down off the wall.
Religion- should appeal to the hearts of the young
Who are you? What have you become?

You animal. Come on
What does this remind you of?

Truly, truly we have become
Hated and feared for something that we don’t want
Listen, listen. Most of us believe that this is wrong

You animal. Come on
What does this remind you of?
What does this remind you of?
Animal. Come on.
What does this remind you of?
Animal. Come on.


One thought on “Song of the Day #1,562: ‘Gideon’ – My Morning Jacket

  1. Dana says:

    This all really backs up the entry point theory, no? In both instances you cited, you fell in love with the less regarded album you first heard over the better received second one you heard.

    Anyway, this song doesn’t grab me…. A bit too ethereal. I need more grit in my music.

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