Song of the Day #2,691: ‘Seasick, Yet Still Docked’ – Morrissey

morrissey_your_arsenalHere’s a favorite track of mine from Morrissey’s 1992 album, Your Arsenal, his best solo record.

This is the quintessential Morrissey track: morbidly depressing and self-pitying, but quite lovely.

An interesting tidbit I learned when Googling the lyrics of the song today is that they are loosely based on a Joni Mitchell song called ‘Silky Veils or Ardor.’

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Song of the Day #2,617: ‘The National Front Disco’ – Morrissey

morrissey_your_arsenalMorrissey’s solo work after The Smiths’ breakup was solid but lacked a certain musical confidence — Johnny Marr’s absence is clear. But that changed with Moz’s fourth solo record, 1992’s Your Arsenal, the best album he ever recorded apart from his old band.

Producer Mick Ronson, who worked wonders with David Bowie, brought a muscularity to Morrissey’s sound, blending grunge, glam and rockabilly into a collection more aggressive than anything the sad-sack singer had ever released.

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Song of the Day #2,467: ‘Glamorous Glue’ – Morrissey

morrissey_your_arsenalI always sigh when a Morrissey or Smiths song pops up on Random iTunes Weekends, bracing myself for the bashing to come from my regular readers.

I need to find a pocket of Smiths fans to whom I can market the blog on these occasions, so the lovers can drown out the haters.

‘Glamorous Glue’ is a track from Morrissey’s best solo album, 1992’s Your Arsenal. This one of several albums that will always remind me of the year I met my wife.

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Song of the Day #1,878: ‘We’ll Let You Know’ – Morrissey

morrissey_your_arsenalI know I don’t have a lot of fellow Morrissey and Smiths fans in these parts, but I was thrilled to have today’s Random Weekend SOTD pop into my headphones.

‘We’ll Let You Know,’ from Morrissey’s best solo album, Your Arsenal, is a tribute/takedown (depending on whom you ask) of British football hooligans, and an extraordinarily effective piece of work.

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Song of the Day #1,361: ‘Certain People I Know’ – Morrissey

Best Albums of the 90s – #13
Your Arsenal – Morrissey (1992)

Three albums in my top 13 were released in 1992. As I’ve written more than a few times on this blog, that year was a musical touchstone for me in large part because it was a year of major life changes.

Two of the albums from ’92 that appear here are excellent in their own right but wouldn’t necessarily have earned a spot in the top 20 if they didn’t have such powerful personal associations. The third scores very high on both the personal and artistic scale, but I’ll get to that one in due time.

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