Song of the Day #1,339: ‘Daughter’ – Pearl Jam

Best 90s Artists – #4 – Pearl Jam

Die-hard Pearl Jam fans would likely be insulted to see them labelled as a 90s band. After all, Pearl Jam has released four albums since 2000 (all of which went Gold in the U.S.), they are currently recording another and they have toured consistently and successfully for over two decades.

But there’s no denying that, along with fellow Seattle rockers Nirvana, Pearl Jam defines the grunge era.

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Song of the Day #220: ‘Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town’ – Pearl Jam

pearl_jamOver the next eight days, I’m going to present songs in a sort of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ format. While I was looking up clips on YouTube, I made some jumps from one to another based on random criteria and figured I might as well hold on to that process as I posted them.

The string begins with an elderly woman behind the counter in a small town…

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