Song of the Day #3,978: ‘Volcano’ – U2

U2’s 2014 album Songs of Innocence is best remembered as the record Apple uploaded for free to every iTunes user, a move Tim Cook described as “the largest album release of all time.”

It was also a move that revealed just how little relevance U2 had to the new generation, as the predominant reaction by millions of young people was “What the hell is a U2 and why is it on my phone all of a sudden?”

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Song of the Day #526: ‘Volcano’ – Beck

Beck’s most recent album, 2008’s Modern Guilt, was his last required CD to fulfill his contract with Interscope Records. unlike athletes, who usually play their best when they’re in the final year of a contract (to better their chances of cashing in on the next one), musicians often release an album of filler to get free from the corporate reins.

Beck didn’t go so far as to release an album of B-sides or live performances but Modern Guilt does feel muted and lacking in inspiration. Even so, it received mostly positive reviews and holds together well enough as a collection of songs, just not as an album with a vision or purpose.

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