Song of the Day #4,362: ‘Quick Fix’ – V.V. Brown

Here’s a blast from the not-too-distant past — the opening track of V.V. Brown’s 2009 debut album, Travelling Like the Light. Brown is best known for that album’s breakout single ‘Shark in the Water,’ a song that still gets plenty of play in my family’s musical rotation.

While ‘Shark in the Water’ remains a staple, I haven’t revisited this album in about a decade, despite the glowing review I posted on this very site. Browsing through it now after this song popped up for today’s Random Weekend selection, I find it just as delightful as I did back then.

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Song of the Day #903: ‘Leave’ – V.V. Brown

Best Songs of 2010 – Honorable Mentions

One of the year’s happiest surprises was V.V. Brown’s vibrant, confident debut album Travelling Like the Light, a bright fusion of retro sounds and modern hip-hop.

The breakout song from that disc was ‘Shark in the Water,’ which I featured on the blog during my summer song series and which would probably represent the album here if I didn’t have a strict no-repeats rule.

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V.V. Brown – Travelling Like the Light

In July, I dedicated a couple of weeks to the hottest songs of the summer — songs I ordinarily wouldn’t hear because I never listen to the radio. Among those was V.V. Brown’s ‘Shark in the Water.’

It was my favorite of the 20 summer songs I featured, and intriguing enough that I went ahead and bought Brown’s album a few weeks later. And boy, am I glad I did.

Brown’s Travelling Like the Light is the most self-assured and dynamic debut album I’ve heard in years. She has a command of her material that allows her to jump between genres and styles without sacrificing cohesion. The result is a fun and dizzy blend of retro pop, rock and soul.

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