Song of the Day #4,923: ‘The Child is Gone’ – Fiona Apple

Today’s Random Weekend selection is a late track on Fiona Apple’s 1996 debut album TIdal.

Ironically, Tidal is both the biggest success and the most forgotten record in Apple’s 25-year career. She has released only five albums during that span, and it was the second, 1999’s When the Pawn…, that made her a critical darling and indie icon. The three releases since have met with lavish critical praise as her music has become less commercially accessible.

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Song of the Day #228: ‘Carrion’ – Fiona Apple

tidalThis week’s featured artist, Fiona Apple, is one of my very favorite singer-songwriters… and I stress both halves of that phrase — she is extraordinarily talented as both a singer and a writer of songs. I think a lot of artists tend to excel at one more than the other, but I place her in the top ranks of both categories.

What I find most interesting is the impact she has had on me through just three studio albums, just 32 songs. I guess that’s all it takes when the albums are as good as hers. But still, 32 songs in 13 years just doesn’t seem right. Get thee to a piano, woman!

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