Song of the Day #2,478: ‘These Days’ – Nico

these_days_royal_tenenbaumsI could make a top ten list of just Wes Anderson’s use of music. And if I did, The Royal Tenenbaums would likely make several appearances.

My favorite is the Rolling Stones two-fer of ‘She Smiled Sweetly’ and ‘Ruby Tuesday’ that plays during Margot and Richie Tenenbaum’s encounter in the tent. I especially like that those songs don’t appear in that order on the band’s Between the Buttons. Anderson created an alternate-universe version of that record’s track list because it suited his film.

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Song of the Day #1,058: ‘These Days’ – Ron Sexsmith

In 2002, one year after Blue Boy, Ron Sexsmith released Cobblestone Runway, a disc that marked his most significant leap forward in production values, not to mention confidence.

It’s hard to imagine the Ron Sexsmith of his first few albums recording a duet with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, as he does here on ‘Gold in Them Hills.’

And this is the first album for which I could readily find music videos of the songs. Sexsmith will never be the sort of artist who shows up in the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown, but the fact that he strapped on a guitar and played for the cameras in interesting in itself.

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Song of the Day #677: ‘These Days’ – R.E.M.

In doing these theme weeks (including the Bob Dylan Weekends) I’m frequently surprised by how prolific these artists were in their early years. It’s pretty much the norm to see albums released every year, sometimes two per year, for the first decade or so of these storied careers.

And then at some point a weariness must set in, or perhaps it’s a comfort level that comes with a certain degree of fame. And the albums slow down to one every three or four years, if that. Does the creative energy dissipate? Do record labels start pressuring established artists to build up anticipation between releases? Or is it something else?

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