Song of the Day #4,946: ‘Sixteen Blue’ – The Replacements

I’ve long seen The Replacements’ 1984 album Let It Be lauded as one of the best alternative rock albums of all time, but I’d never listened to it closely enough to test that theory.

The band had released three albums of loud, reckless punk before lead singer/songwriter Paul Westerberg decided to try his hand at some songs with actual structure and melody. The result was this 11-track collection that features some softer, more contemplative songs among all the thrash.

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Song of the Day #1,801: ‘Answering Machine’ – The Replacements

replacements_let_it_beIt’s funny how whenever I come across a song I don’t know very well, the accompanying YouTube comments always paint it as the most essential recording of all time.

It could be a song considered a classic by many (like today’s SOTD, from The Replacement’s acclaimed album Let It Be) or a song loved by only the artist’s immediate family, by rest assured, somebody will go over the top on YouTube.

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