Song of the Day #3,581: ‘The Way I Am’ – Eminem

My #4 album of 2000 is a record I still consider Eminem’s best: The Marshall Mathers LP. The celebrated rapper has put out a number of great albums since this one (including The Eminem Show and the Marshall Mathers sequel) but this record’s culture-shattering impact gives it the edge.

Through today’s lens this album seems almost tame but at the time it ignited a firestorm of controversy over free speech and satire. Second Lady Lynne Cheney lambasted the album and called on the music industry to adopt age restrictions. The controversy just helped propel the album to a then-record 1.76 millions sales in its first week alone.

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Song of the Day #1,300: ‘Stan’ – Eminem

The first rap album that became essential listening for me was Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP. Before that I enjoyed and appreciated certain rap songs but had never heard a complete rap album that held my interest.

But the Marshall Mathers LP, which exploded into the cultural consciousness amid cries of outrage and arguments over censorship and freedom of expression, was a fully formed masterpiece of anger, pain and dark humor.

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