Song of the Day #3,567: ‘Rewrite the Stars’ – Zac Efron & Zendaya

Surprise hit The Greatest Showman has shown impressive legs both at the box office and on Billboard’s soundtrack chart, where it sits at #2 in its 16th week of release.

Among its songs, the show-stopping celebration of individuality ‘This Is Me’ has earned the most attention (as well as an Oscar nod) but for me the standout track is the love song ‘Rewrite the Stars.’

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Song of the Day #3,518: ‘This is Me’ – The Greatest Showman cast

Surprise hit The Greatest Showman is the only musical nominated in the Best Original Song category this year. (You could make an argument that another nominated film is a musical, but I would argue that you are wrong, and I would be right).

This is one of those movies scoffed at by critics (55% on the Tomatometer!) but loved by audiences. It has hit a nerve, cleaning up at the box office and topping the album charts.

I believe today’s nominated song, which most clearly states one of the film’s central themes, is the key to The Greatest Showman‘s success.

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