Song of the Day #266: ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ – Johnny Cash

cashkrisI recently read a fascinating profile of Kris Kristofferson (by Ethan Hawke, of all people) in Rolling Stone magazine. Hawke painted Kristofferson as a modern-day renaissance man and an unabashed sentimentalist and political liberal who is nonetheless about as “manly” a man as can be.

In the opening of the article, Hawke relays a story of the backstage scene of a tribute concert, where Toby Keith allegedly walked up to Kristofferson and said “None of that lefty shit tonight, Kris.” Kristofferson exploded, shouting “You ever worn your country’s uniform? … Have you ever killed another man and then cashed the check your country gave you for doing it? No, you have not. So shut the fuck up!”

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