Song of the Day #1,934: ‘Age of Adz’ – Sufjan Stevens

sufjan_stevens_age_of_adzI’m vulnerable to the cool new thing.

When a movie or album or performer is lavished with praise in all the “right” magazines and websites, I get a little antsy until I’m in the know. And more often than not, I agree with the chattering class.

In my defense, the critics are usually right, especially when there is near unanimous consent.

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Song of the Day #844: ‘John Wayne Gacy, Jr.’ – Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is another celebrated indie rocker who has never clicked with me. Admittedly, I haven’t heard much of his music but that’s because what I have heard just annoys me.

My issue with Stevens is that he tries too damn hard. The album of his I own is 2005’s orgasmically-received Come On Feel the Illinoise!, which was the second entry in his “Fifty State Project,” a plan to write and record an album about each U.S. state. He started with 2003’s Michigan and abandoned the project after Illinois.

Now, I actually think that’s a pretty cool idea, whether he ever actually intended it or not. And I’m not knocking him for his ambition.

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