Song of the Day #3,975: ‘Back to You’ – John Mayer

I find it hard to believe that through almost 4,000 Songs of the Day I have yet to do a theme week or two on ‘Best Debut Albums.’ It seems like such an obvious and rewarding topic. I’ll put it on the list for later this year. Plus, it would lead nicely into ‘Best Sophomore Albums’ — I can get a whole month out of this.

At any rate, without question John Mayer’s Room For Squares would rank highly on that list of best debuts. Over 14 tracks and nearly an hour, he leaps out of the gate with a winning collection of pop-rock gems and doesn’t take a wrong step. That’s enough to make it #2 on my list of 2001 albums.

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Song of the Day #1,607: ’83’ – John Mayer

Including this one, the last three songs I’ve featured have all mentioned the years 1982 or 1983. Surely that’s a coincidence, as each of these songs would work using any other year, but it’s striking nonetheless.

I was 11 in 1983, five years older than John Mayer, but I nonetheless share his fond memories of that much simpler and more carefree time.

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