Song of the Day #3,268: ‘Brand New Day’ – Sting vs. Paul Simon

Sting and Paul Simon lived in the same New York apartment building in the 80s, and collaborated on a concert tour in 2014. Now they come together again for a Montauk Madness Round Two death match.

Much to my chagrin, Sting defeated Sinead O’Connor in Round One rather easily, earning 70% of the vote. Paul Simon, surprisingly, had an even easier time dispatching Elton John, with 73%. Continue reading

Song of the Day #3,224: ‘Tiny Dancer’ – Elton John vs. Paul Simon

This is the first real heavyweight battle of Round One of Montauk Madness: Elton John vs. Paul Simon. A couple of musical geniuses in their 70s who have written some of the most memorable songs of the last 50 years.

‘Your Song’ vs. ‘Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.’ ‘Levon’ vs. ‘Still Crazy After All These Years.’ ‘Tiny Dancer’ vs. ‘Graceland.’ (I should note here that this matchup includes only Paul Simon’s solo work… Simon & Garfunkel received their own spot in the tournament).

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Song of the Day #3,164: ‘Spirit Voices’ – Paul Simon

rhythm_of_the_saintsAs I wrote at the beginning of the week, I had a hard time coming up with five 1990 albums for this list. But I had no problem coming up with my #1, Paul Simon’s The Rhythm of the Saints.

Following up the all-time classic Graceland four years later was no easy task, but Simon delivered, creating an album that similarly married world music with his plaintive melodies.

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Song of the Day #3,120: ‘Duncan (Live)’ – Paul Simon

paul_simon_stranger_to_strangerIn 2016, I learned that a Paul Simon album could leave me cold.

That came as a big shock. On this very blog, I named Simon the greatest-ever songwriter. I’m one of the few people in the world who really digs Songs from the Capeman. I am programmed to not only cut this guy some slack but to pretty much love everything he does.

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Song of the Day #2,929: ‘Wristband’ – Paul Simon

paul_simon_stranger_to_strangerAt the start of the year, if you’d told me I’d be more excited by new Rihanna and Ariana Grande albums than the newest Paul Simon release, I’d have called you crazy. But that’s the case.

Simon’s 13th solo studio release, Stranger to Stranger, comes five years after the late-career triumph So Beautiful Or So What. I was surprised to see that album came out way back in 2011. It still feels vital and fresh, and unfortunately this new release lives in its shadow.

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Song of the Day #2,518: ‘Peace Like a River’ – Paul Simon

paul_simonMy fourth favorite album of 1972 is Paul Simon’s self-titled solo debut.

Hard as it is to imagine now, there were serious doubts in the early 70s over Simon’s prospects as a solo artist once Art Garfunkel left the band to pursue his movie career.

One reviewer of this album, quoted on Wikipedia, wrote “”I gather…this album is merely Simon’s way of keeping his hand in while Garfunkel makes movies….I’m now wondering if Garfunkel’s arranging work doesn’t include sending Simon back to rewrite some of his songs before recording them.”

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Song of the Day #2,302: ‘Love is Eternal Sacred Light’ – Paul Simon


Best Albums of the 10s So Far
#15 – Paul Simon – So Beautiful Or So What

Continuing my countdown of the best albums of the decade so far, I arrive at Paul Simon’s 2011 comeback record, So Beautiful Or So What.

Simon released only two album in the 00’s: You’re the One in 2000 and Surprise in 2006. The former was half-great and the latter a general disappointment. Before those records, it’s just 1997’s Broadway experiment Songs from the Capeman and the sublime Rhythm of the Saints way back in 1990.

Not very prolific, Mr. Simon.

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