Song of the Day #2,002: ‘Live and Let Die’ – Paul McCartney & Wings

american_hustleWriter/director David O. Russell, once on Hollywood’s shit list for his antagonizing movie set antics, has turned his career around to an astonishing degree.

It started with The Fighter, which netted him Oscar nominations for both writing and direction and supporting acting wins for Christian Bale and Melissa Leo (the film was also nominated for Best Picture and two other awards).

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Song of the Day #1,949: ‘New’ – Paul McCartney

mccartney_newThe past few weeks I’ve been buying new album releases like a madman. Artists (and studios) have dropped records left and right, presumably with the holiday season in mind.

I’ve looked at the scheduled releases for the rest of the year, though, and it appears that I’m done for 2013. So it’s time for me to take stock of the albums I’ve picked up this year.

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