Song of the Day #3,392: ‘Oh Well’ – Fiona Apple

Yesterday’s entry in the 30 Day Music Challenge asked for a song that makes you want to fall in love, and now we’re going in the other direction, with ‘A Song That Breaks Your Heart.’

As with most of these challenges, I can interpret this one in different ways. Aside from the romantic reading, I could go with a song that breaks my heart because it has sad associations. I’m tempted to pick John Lennon’s ‘Imagine,’ which has come up a few times already, because hearing it while thinking about John Lennon’s fate is indeed heartbreaking.

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Song of the Day #231: ‘Oh Well (unreleased version)’ – Fiona Apple

fiona2After When the Pawn… came out, Apple sort of disappeared. Then several years later, in a New York Times magazine interview, producer Jon Brion spoke in glowing terms about new tracks they’d recorded for an album to be called Extraordinary Machine. No release date was set.

Months passed and still no word on the new album. Rumors circulated that the studio wasn’t happy with the songs and refused to release it. But no word from Apple herself.

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