Song of the Day #2,495: ‘Hindi Sad Diamonds’ – Moulin Rouge cast

moulin_rougeA little while into Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge is a moment when a portion of the audience decides they just can’t stick with a film this chaotic and assaulting.

The rest of us, who love the film, half agree with that assessment but manage to get caught up in the insanity just enough to make it through to the other side, where the true pleasures await.

That moment is the ‘Hindi San Diamonds’ scene.

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Song of the Day #34: ‘Your Song’ – Ewan McGregor

Moulin Rouge is one huge heaping mess of a film. At times it feels like a runaway train in danger of flying off the tracks into a fiery pileup. But somehow it keeps its balance and emerges as one of the most memorable films of the 00s.

Most of the credit, in my opinion, belongs to Ewan McGregor. I can’t imagine another actor pulling off the naive innocence and the unabashed romanticism of his Christian, let alone one with a terrific singing voice to match. Nicole Kidman got the Oscar nod for this film, but McGregor was its MVP.

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