Song of the Day #1,190: ‘Trout’ – Neneh Cherry (featuring Michael Stipe)

The end of this week has turned into an unofficial theme week, focusing on women who made a momentary splash and then fell off the face of the earth.

Next on the list is Neneh Cherry, who came to my attention in 1992 with the released of her second album, Homebrew. Cherry actually reached a bigger audience with her first album, 1989’s Raw Like Sushi, which spawned the hit single ‘Buffalo Stance,’ but I’d never heard of her before Homebrew.

This album is a mix of hip-hop, R&B and pop that may well have been too ahead of its time. You look at a group like the Black-Eyed Peas scoring hit after hit these days and wonder if Cherry might have found her niche too soon.

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Song of the Day #823: ‘Fall On Me’ – R.E.M.

Top Ten Male Vocalists – #2 – Michael Stipe

More than any other performer on this list, Michael Stipe uses his voice as an instrument. The sound of his singing is as important an element of R.E.M.’s sound as Peter Buck’s guitars, Mike Mills’ bass and keyboards and Bill Berry’s drums.

Driving that point home is that fact that on R.E.M.’s early albums, you can hardly tell what the hell Stipe is singing but everything still works perfectly. His mumbles (and murmurs) convey the emotional message of those songs as well as any lyrics could.

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