Song of the Day #1,026: ‘Man in the Long Black Coat’ – Joan Osborne

Two of the songs in my cover series are Bob Dylan originals. I guess it makes sense that the work of somebody with as limited a voice as Dylan would attract more capable singers.

I’ve already featured another Dylan cover that could have fit here, and like yesterday’s post, it was by Adele. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a covers album in her future… she’s a fine interpreter of others’ tunes.

Joan Osborne is as well (and she has released a covers album — 2002’s How Sweet It Is). Today’s song, however, comes from her excellent debut album, Relish.

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Song of the Day #714: ‘Man in the Long Black Coat’ – Bob Dylan

Oh Mercy was the first Bob Dylan album I heard as a new release. I had spent my 15th year soaking up all of his early material — the 60s albums — but I hadn’t really been aware of the new releases he was putting out at that time. Good thing, considering what they were.

But in my junior year of high school I suddenly became aware of a new Bob Dylan album that was receiving strong critical praise. My memory is a bit fuzzy on this matter now but I believe I might have received Oh Mercy as a gift from my older sister, in college at the time.

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