Song of the Day #2,017: ‘M-O-N-E-Y (Live)’ – Lyle Lovett

lyle_lovett_live_in_texasWhenever a Random Weekend selection pops up, I first search the blog to make sure I haven’t featured it before. I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve completely forgotten writing about some songs.

When I searched for “Texas,” because the album featuring this song is called Live in Texas, five of the first dozen or so results were Lyle Lovett songs. Some had Texas in the title, some had it in the lyrics, some included references to Texas by me.

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Song of the Day #1,947: ‘She’s Hot to Go’ – Lyle Lovett

pontiacMy sister has long named Lyle Lovett as her desert island artist (with the rather fanciful prerequisite that all of his future material would be delivered to the island as well).

Given Lovett’s spotty output over the last decade, that “future material” provision might not count for much anymore, but that doesn’t diminish the extraordinary quality of his first several albums.

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Song of the Day #1,922: ‘Private Conversation’ – Lyle Lovett

ensenadaThe fourth most viewed Song of the Day post belongs to Lyle Lovett — it’s the title track of his best album, The Road to Ensenada.

I’m guessing this post has attracted so much attention due to its general awesomeness, as well as the mysterious nature of its lyrics. I can imagine many an obsessed fan Googling away to come across any scraps they can find about this haunting masterpiece.

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Song of the Day #1,626: ‘Penguins (Live)’ – Lyle Lovett

liveintexasMy family and I always play the “what song will be first?” game when we attend concerts.

I remember seeing Lyle Lovett perform with his Large Band once in Pompano Beach and throwing out a bunch of great guesses only to have him take the stage and launch into ‘Penguins,’ a minor track nestled in the middle of I Love Everybody, itself a collection of odds and ends.

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Song of the Day #1,590: ‘Moon On My Shoulder’ – Lyle Lovett

This track, from Lyle Lovett’s 1994 album I Love Everybody, runs two minutes and 20 seconds. It probably took Lovett about 30 seconds more than to write it.

I Love Everybody is half a great album and half a forgettable one. It is made up of songs written before the release of Lovett’s first album, so you’d expect it not to contain his best work, yet it does feature quite a few gems.

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