Song of the Day #4,729: ‘Lost Cause’ – Billie Eilish

Has any solo artist achieved as much success at as young an age as Billie Eilish? She is the youngest artist ever to win the Album of the Year Grammy, and the youngest ever to win Record of the Year (which she has won twice, making her also the second-youngest behind only herself).

She is one of only eight people to sweep the Grammys top three awards (Album, Record, Song) in one ceremony, and by far the youngest to do that. She is one of only two to add Best New Artist to that tally, joining Christopher Cross, who was 30 when he did it.

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Song of the Day #59: ‘Lost Cause’ – Beck

It’s pretty well-established that breakup albums are often better than stuff written when the artist is loving life. Great art comes from turmoil and pain. Whether it’s Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love or Lyle Lovett’s The Road to Ensenada, heartbreak invariably results in a musician’s best work.

Beck’s Sea Change is no exception.

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