Song of the Day #3,577: ‘Celebration’ – Kool & The Gang

I first watched my favorite 2017 film three months into 2018, on a small seatback screen during a flight from Florida to California. Less than ideal conditions, which makes my ecstatic reaction to The Florida Project even more legit.

I have since watched Sean Baker’s film two more times under better conditions, and those viewings have only solidified my opinion that this is not just the best movie of last year but one of the best of the decade so far.

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Song of the Day #1,709: ‘Open Sesame’ – Kool & The Gang

saturday_night_feverI don’t really have much to say about today’s Random Weekend selection except that a) this is one of the last tracks I would choose to highlight from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack if it were up to me; and b) John Travolta was such a sexy and dynamic presence back in the day and boy has he turned into a freakshow over the past several years.

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