Song of the Day #4,119: ‘The Real Me’ – The Who

Continuing my look at the albums released in 1973, I’ll now cover records with which I’m either passingly or not at all familiar.

Initially, I expected to put The Who’s Quadrophenia in the latter category. I remember my high school friend’s were big Who fans, and this was an album they loved, but I never really got into the band. I loved ‘The Kids Are Alright‘ (still do) and the Who’s Next album, but the “rock operas” Tommy and Quadrophenia never stirred me a bit.

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Song of the Day #3,035: ‘Kids’ – OneRepublic

onerepublic_kidsThe next ‘Fresh Song for Fall’ on Entertainment Weekly‘s list is ‘Kids’ by OneRepublic.

Here’s their take:

Ryan Tedder & Co.’s edgiest song ever: It’s got a druggy four-on-the-floor groove, squawking vocal loops, and a rocket-propelled chorus that’s catchy AF. Right, just like that MGMT song.

I guess the MGMT song they’re referencing is one also titled ‘Kids,’ or else I’m not familiar enough with MGMT to get the reference.

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