Song of the Day #5,311: ‘I Ain’t Worried’ – OneRepublic

The #37 song on Billboard’s 2023 Hot 100 chart would definitely rank higher in my household. That has nothing to do with OneRepublic or the song itself, and everything to do with a shirtless Miles Teller dancing in slow motion while playing beach football. This is the gif that finally cemented for me the fact that my daughters aren’t gay.

Yes, ‘I Ain’t Worried’ is the song that soundtracked the bonding scene in Top Gun: Maverick, giving that film its equivalent of the first movie’s shirtless volleyball match.

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Song of the Day #3,035: ‘Kids’ – OneRepublic

onerepublic_kidsThe next ‘Fresh Song for Fall’ on Entertainment Weekly‘s list is ‘Kids’ by OneRepublic.

Here’s their take:

Ryan Tedder & Co.’s edgiest song ever: It’s got a druggy four-on-the-floor groove, squawking vocal loops, and a rocket-propelled chorus that’s catchy AF. Right, just like that MGMT song.

I guess the MGMT song they’re referencing is one also titled ‘Kids,’ or else I’m not familiar enough with MGMT to get the reference.

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Song of the Day #2,012: ‘Counting Stars’ – OneRepublic

one_republic_counting_starsFrequent commenter Dana had quite a bit to say about my ‘best songs of the year’ selections (in particular, he lamented the lack of radio hits).

Obviously every year-end list is different. Mine was light on Billboard toppers, and I’m sure Dana’s hypothetical list would ignore the great year for women in country music. Both of our lists would completely ignore heavy metal. Doesn’t make either of us right or wrong.

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