Song of the Day #1,996: ‘I Am the Walrus (from Love)’ – The Beatles

41_birthdayToday is my wife’s birthday. Only every seven years or so (not sure how Leap Years affect this) will both her birthday and mine fall on a weekend, so this might be my only opportunity to play the ‘Random Weekend (Birthday Edition)’ game for both of us in the same year.

So let’s spin the wheel and see what Alexandra’s 41st year has in store.

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Song of the Day #211: ‘I Am the Walrus’ – fiomily

fiomilyOK, this might just be my favorite video on YouTube. I happened upon these sisters named Fiona and Emily (aged 14 and 16, though they look much younger in many of their clips) and they’re irresistible.

They are English girls currently living in Germany and they’ve posted a bunch of clips of Fiona playing guitar while they share vocals, often pulling off complex harmonies with ease.

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