Song of the Day #4,517: ‘Song For Bob Dylan’ – David Bowie

‘Song For Bob Dylan’ is a track on David Bowie’s excellent 1971 album Hunky Dory. It’s something between a tribute and a jab at Dylan, one of the biggest music stars in the world at that time.

Dylan was checking out in the early 70s. After producing a string of classic, groundbreaking albums in the 60s, he was releasing gentle country albums Nashville Skyline and New Morning, along with Self Portrait, a collection of odds and ends that was easily his worst work to date.

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Song of the Day #3,700: ‘Queen Bitch’ – David Bowie

Before I get to my #4 album of 1971, let me say a quick Happy Birthday to my sister Amy.

This year Amy selflessly asked, in lieu of gifts, for donations to a non-profit she founded called Birthright America. The program’s mission is to give underprivileged kids the chance to experience the majesty of America’s National Parks. Amy brought the first group of lucky children on the inaugural trip earlier this month.

If the idea sounds interesting to you, please consider visiting the website and donating to the cause. Happy Birthday, Amy!

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Song of the Day #2,866: ‘Changes’ – David Bowie

bowie_hunky_doryBowie followed up The Man Who Sold the World with the very different Hunky Dory. Where the former was a hard rock exercise, all grungy guitars, the latter is filled with delicate piano pop.

Hunky Dory is one of two Bowie albums I already owned. I bought it for the three hits — ‘Changes,’ ‘Queen Bitch’ and ‘Life on Mars?’ — but never gave the rest of the tracks a very careful listen.

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Song of the Day #137: ‘Life On Mars?’ – David Bowie

davidbowieDavid Bowie is an artist I believe I don’t know or appreciate nearly as much as I should. What I do know of his work I like very much, but it seems the real gems are hidden away in the material that’s new to me.

My ignorance of Bowie’s catalog is likely due to my sister’s pathological fear of the man during my pre-teen years. She would not only turn off the TV but leave the room when his videos for ‘China Girl’ or ‘Let’s Dance’ played on MTV. So it’s not like I grew up with his music in the house.

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