Song of the Day #4,314: ‘It Won’t Be Wrong (Until We’re Not Wrong Anymore)’ – The Wallflowers

It’s been eight years since the last Wallflowers album, 2012’s Glad All Over. The band hasn’t broken up, per se, but frontman Jakob Dylan remains the only original member, as various other musicians have cycled in and out of the lineup.

Essentially, The Wallflowers is a vehicle for the songs Dylan (the sole songwriter) deems appropriate for the full band treatment. Contrast their work to Dylan’s two solo albums, which were entirely acoustic affairs.

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Song of the Day #1,619: ‘Reboot the Mission’ – The Wallflowers

wallflowers_glad_all_overTop Songs of 2012 – #15

Kicking off my countdown of the 15 songs I enjoyed most this year is a cut from Glad All Over, The Wallflowers first album in seven years.

Generally, I was disappointed in this album. It didn’t meet the high standards of the band’s previous work, nor of Jakob Dylan’s two solo albums. It’s a bit generic in a way the band has avoided on most of its work.

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Song of the Day #1,565: ‘Hospital For Sinners’ – The Wallflowers

Riding a wave of nostalgia for 90s acts, The Wallflowers returned this month with their first album since 2005’s Rebel, Sweetheart.

The Wallflowers made a big splash with 1996’s Bringing Down the Horse. Hit singles ‘One Headlight’ and ‘6th Avenue Heartache’ were radio staples that sound as fresh today as they did 16 years ago. But their brand of earnest roots rock felt out of place as grunge gave way to hip-hop, dance and electronica.

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