Song of the Day #1,619: ‘Reboot the Mission’ – The Wallflowers

wallflowers_glad_all_overTop Songs of 2012 – #15

Kicking off my countdown of the 15 songs I enjoyed most this year is a cut from Glad All Over, The Wallflowers first album in seven years.

Generally, I was disappointed in this album. It didn’t meet the high standards of the band’s previous work, nor of Jakob Dylan’s two solo albums. It’s a bit generic in a way the band has avoided on most of its work.

But first single ‘Reboot the Mission’ was a delightful exception. This is the funkiest thing The Wallflowers have ever recorded, and it sounds like they had a blast in the process. Dylan growls his typically cryptic lyrics, then turns meta in the final verse, introducing a new drummer and name-dropping the rest of the band.

If only the rest of Glad All Over had been this loose and fun, it could have been a nice left turn after a long hiatus.

Where you’re going has no signs
and you’re not going in a straight line
you ought to have me on your mind
I dare you to think otherwise

one day the water, more water
you keep diving and you won’t be recovered
you need a clue, I’ll come in closer
I want to tell you, you’ve had it coming


Eyes on the prize, reboot the mission
I’ve lost the sight, but not the vision
eyes on the prize, reboot the mission
I lost the sight, but not the vision

move your body, look alive
Oh, don’t you think of what’s out some time
it’s even better than you’ve implied
dice on the table, let it ride

the movie’s showing over the building
midnight shifts just beginning
oh let your hair down, I watch you singing
I’ve got to say, you had it coming


No matter how you use it, which way you swing
even the longest day at some point ends
I’ll throw your shoes off, hat in the ring
show me a hook shot, the whole thing

welcome Jack, the new drummer,
He jammed with the mighty Joe Strummer
I see Rami, Greg and Stewart
I’ve gotta say, Jay, we’ve had it coming

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,619: ‘Reboot the Mission’ – The Wallflowers

  1. Dana says:

    This doesn’t quite work for me on first listen. It’s certainly no “6th avenue heartache.”

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