Song of the Day #3,637: ‘Fireproof’ – One DIrection

Like yesterday’s song, today’s track comes from One Direction’s fourth album, Four. That album also features ‘Night Changes’ and ‘Steal My Girl,’ meaning it more than qualifies for my “at least three great songs” rule. I’ll have to listen to the whole thing one of these days.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that a lot of One Direction songs, at least from their later efforts, owe a debt to Fleetwood Mac. Indeed, Harry Styles covers the band in his solo concert.

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Song of the Day #3,636: ‘Fool’s Gold’ – One Direction

In honor of my daughter Sophia’s 16th birthday, which falls in the middle of this week, I’m offering up five songs by one of her favorite bands, One Direction.

Sophia has many favorite artists, some of which are my favorites too, but this is one that I would almost certainly have never heard in depth were it not for her. And as I’ve discovered, that would have been a shame.

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Song of the Day #3,530: ‘Four’ – Al Jarreau & George Benson

Our fourth numbered song comes from Givin’ It Up,the 2006 collaboration between jazz artists Al Jarreau and George Benson.

The album featured appearances by Jill Scott and Paul McCartney, among others, and songs by Billie Holiday, John Legend, Daryl Hall and Sam Cooke, in addition to Jarreau’s own compositions. It won two Grammys, one for a Benson instrumental performance and one for the vocal performance by the duo and Jill Scott.

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