Song of the Day #5,253: ‘Sunrise’ – Norah Jones

Thank you for bearing with me during my unexpected hiatus from daily blogging. I hope my hastily assembled batch of placeholder songs (none of which I actually heard before posting) proved diverting enough in my absence.

I now return to my look at the albums of 2004, with five left to cover in the latest installment of the Decades series.

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Song of the Day #161: ‘Feels Like Home’ – Randy Newman

randynewmanGoing back to yesterday’s thought on simplicity ruling when it comes to love songs, here’s a fabulous love song by Randy Newman, a songwriter known more for caustic irony than wearing his heart on his sleeve. And that’s one reason this song works so well.

The theme here is similar to that of Billy Joel’s early tune ‘You’re My Home’ — the idea that “home” has more to do with the who than the where. I guess it’s a pretty obvious sentiment, but still a sweet one.

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